Focusing On Your DME/HME Business: Grow It Better

by | August 24, 2021 | 11:20 am
Grow DME Business

A Polaris Market Research says that the global DME market is expected to reach $246.6 billion by 2026.

Growing your DME/HME business is not just about increasing revenue. Businesses should focus on multiple aspects of successful growth:

  • Understanding how medical billing works
  • Consistent and continued training and education for employees who handle orders and supplies
  • Being prepared to manage operations even in the face of disruptions and interruptions to continuity, often driven by high rates of staff turnover and attrition
  • Staying informed and updated on insurance regulations

Tapping into opportunities

A Global Market Insights report says that increasing elderly populations across the globe could be seen as a contributor to DME market growth. The report says the proportion of people over 60 years of age will double from 12% to 22% between 2015 and 2050. This growing geriatric population may drive DME growth across the period analyzed. This could be due to the increased risk of falls or injuries of an aging population. This vulnerability can result in fall-related injuries and fractures. DME is therefore used to address these challenges.

Being able to tap into opportunity and meet market demand can help drive growth for your DME/HME business.

Investing in training

Tapping into market demand can be easier with a skilled staff that can smoothly scale up and meet the increasing demand. For DME/HME businesses, skilled staff is an essential requirement and not something that can be overlooked.

Consider a scenario where your business is ready to meet increased market demand. As orders begin to come in, the staff must be able to address three primary functions:

  • Order taking and documentation of patient details
  • Ensuring the equipment is transported and delivered correctly
  • Ensuring staff can communicate equipment usage and operation to patients

No amount of market demand and preparation can work in the face of a staff that is inadequately trained or lacks skills.

Focusing on HME DME Growth

Streamlining operations

Streamlining daily operations is part of growing the business. When gearing up to meet market demand, it is important to ensure your business is prepared to manage the increased order-taking and the administrative burden that accompanies it.

Arranging reliable logistics, supply of actual equipment, and transportation of equipment is vital; however, it is equally important to have trained staff to manage the increased needs. The challenge for a business is to ensure the trained staff remains motivated and dedicated to the work increase.

Consistency and efficiency are two parameters vital to operational efficiencies. One of the ways to achieve this is by automating functions. However, this can require additional staff training. Hiring professionals to handle your DME billing needs can help the business in multiple ways:

  • Shift the administrative burden from your business to experts, allowing you to focus on business growth activities instead
  • Save your business the hassle of training staff and the expense involved
  • Enable your business to stay ahead without worrying about wasted efforts and inefficiencies in case of staff turnover
  • Ensure the revenue management cycle is streamlined and operational efficiencies are maintained

Staying networked; opening new revenue channels

With existing business needs firmly in place and controlled, the business owner and primary operator can focus on building it further. This includes attending networking events to understand DME/HME trends and latest updates, whether it is new products or therapy lines.

Conferences can also help keep business owners updated on the latest regulations on audits, payments, and staff benefits. All of this can directly help your DME/HME business streamline financial management. The key is locating and sourcing HIPAA-certified help for the purpose of medical billing.

Next Steps

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