Revenue Cycle Management Services

Documentation and billing errors can be costly. Keeping up with the changing regulations has become ever so complicated and tedious. Analytix manages your billing and collections to capture missed revenue opportunities and streamline your revenue cycle with the help of our exceptional revenue cycle management services.

Our team combines advanced technology and industry expertise to reduce the administrative burden on your staff and boost both revenue and productivity. Our all-in-one billing solution helps you improve and optimize revenue cycle efficiency, so you are collecting every earned dollar.

Revenue Cycle Management Services

Revenue Cycle Management Flow Chart

RCM Services We Provide

  • Patient Information Download
    Accurately collect, review and process vital patient information
  • Patient Creation
    Clinical documentation covering medical history and insurance coverages
  • Insurance eligibility verification
    Determine procedure-specific coverage and benefits
  • Obtaining Authorization
    Automated appointment scheduling solutions like Appoint360 to improve care access
  • Creating Sales Orders
    Create clean and error-free sales orders to improve outcomes
  • Reviewing & Logging CMNs
    Timely completion and logging of CMNs before sales order confirmation
  • Sales Order Confirmation
    Single or multiple sales order confirmation to transmit or print the invoice appropriately
  • Claims submission
    Submit claims of billable fees to insurance companies
  • Payment Posting
    Payer will send either an EOB or an ERA towards the payment of a claim
  • Denial Management
    Work around denied claims through accurate resubmissions
  • AR Follow-up
    Collect payments on pending claims from third party insurance
  • Transparent Reporting
    Detailed weekly/ monthly reports evaluate performance of claims


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