How to Overcome Obstacles in DME Outsourcing

by | August 19, 2022 | 9:37 am
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DME billing services are a major component of a DME business’s sustainability and success. Making your DME business sustainable and ensuring a thriving profitable future can seem like an uphill challenge at times. Since DME billing is not a direct patient-facing function, it’s critical that such a business regularly perform record-keeping duties in tandem with this function; any inaccuracies in the information provided while billing can lead to delayed or denied claims.

For these reasons, medical billing is a complex process best managed by a dedicated and trained team.

Why Is It Vital for Businesses to Overcome Obstacles to Outsourcing?

The process of outsourcing DME billing can yield several benefits:

  • Timely and accurate claim applications
  • Reliable record processing: efficient retrieval of records when needed
  • Help streamline operations to boost productivity and profitability

One of the primary purposes of medical billing is to conduct diligent prescription and patient intake processing, in addition to insurance benefits and eligibility review. When these align, insurance claims are more likely to be paid on time.

Here are some ways in which DMEs can overcome some of the most common obstacles to outsourcing:

#1. Ensuring accuracy in record-keeping

For in-house DME resources, prescription processing can quickly turn into a task that is time- consuming and attention-intensive. However, accurate data-keeping is the only way to ensure efficient claim application processing. One of the ways to ensure this is by outsourcing DME billing.

Choose an outsourcing partner who has reviews, experience, and expertise to show. Reviewing online testimonials is a good process to include when seeking medical billing outsourcing partners. This can help uncover record-keeping capabilities and practices used by a particular provider.

DME billing providers usually work on modern infrastructure operated by skilled and trained professionals. Yet, given recent legislation such as the No Surprises Act, DME businesses may be worried about the safety of patient health and medical data. The fact is that outsourcing medical billing providers are require to adhere to stringent safety regulations. Choosing a HIPAA-compliant DME billing partner can help businesses access the best technology and data in the industry.

#2. Deploying skilled resources for billing purposes

Do the providers you have chosen have skilled and knowledgeable people working on your DME billing requirements? Choosing providers helps DME businesses tap into genuine expertise with storage and record-keeping. This expertise translates into better research for critical tasks like ensuring prior authorization, tracking health history and records of the patient, and ensuring all orders include doctor’s prescriptions or health care provider notes and medical documents.

Outsourced professional assistance can help ensure reliable service in this matter, thus helping DME businesses stay on the right track.

#3. Saving on salary costs, hiring and training expenses

Given the complexities associated with DME billing, trained staff represent a valuable asset for any DME business. However, the salary costs, including benefits and other associated payments that must be made to acquire training and in-house infrastructure are rarely a one-time expense. These expenses must be regularly factored into your budget to ensure the business keeps pace with industry standards.

However, even trained staff can feel overwhelmed and face burn out. When this happens, the DME business loses money, time, and resources spent on training in-house staff.

Outsourcing time-consuming and complicated DME billing processes can prevent businesses suffering high attrition rates while enabling existing resources to utilize their time more productively.

Choosing a professional DME billing company

Timely payments, streamlined operations, and a sustainable in-house workforce are just some of the benefits that a DME billing company can provide. The right partners can:

  • Help ensure claim applications are completed and sent out on time.
  • Lower the rate of delayed or outstanding payments while speeding up the overall billing process.
  • Help the DME business overcome billing challenges and crises without negatively impacting business prospects.
  • Contribute to building your business by prioritizing high-volume, attention intensive tasks, helping in-house resources deal with each employee’s workload better, without burning out, and without compromising on quality.

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