Adopting a Better Medical Billing Management Process can help your DME/HME practice evolve and thrive

by | November 13, 2020 | 9:13 am
Adopting a Better Medical Billing Management Process

Medical billing management is critical for a DME/HME to thrive and grow in all situations, including crises. According to an online report by Advisory Board, 90% of claim denials are preventable. Given that claim processing depends on financial data and patient records, it makes sense for healthcare businesses to rely on dependable medical billing management practices.

For a startup or a small-size DME/HME business, an ongoing dilemma may be the choice to focus on providing superior healthcare or to work on growing the business. It is important to realize that if your business is doing well, the quality of healthcare it provides must be consistently good.

Here’s how better medical billing services can lead to better management of DME/HME operations, consistently guiding the business to successful healthcare delivery and happier clients.

  • Record data reliably

Streamlined medical billing management begins with diligent recording. Incomplete records can plague a healthcare business and may not be revealed until they are needed. For example, verifying a prescription or note recommending a particular line of treatment, props, and equipment requires complete records at time of service. 

With the assistance of technology, it is important to understand that the healthcare billing system translates into reliable record-keeping and can help ensure smooth, error-free retrieval of critical data as and when needed. 

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  • Ensure timely claim processing

Every claim processed is a potential DME/HME payment. In the same manner, every delayed claim hampers the efforts of a startup or small sized DME/HME to attain sustainability and achieve business success. Several errors can result in claim denial. These include simple ones with incorrect identification numbers or incorrect spelling of a patient’s name. However, even if these appear simple, they can increase the time of claim processing and release of payment. 

An automated medical billing management system ensures data is not lost. This includes critical medical records and documents as well as specific circumstances such as numeric data on payments being made in installments. 

  • Prioritize healthcare delivery

For a growing DME/HME business, lack of resources and financial constraints are a reality. The need to multi-task operations, while also pursuing business building, can take a significant amount of time and attention. This can lead to missed customer orders, missed service requests, and even operational issues. A medical billing system helps safeguard a critical business aspect: ensuring streamlined financial management. With diligent record keeping, secure and authorized retrievals, and timely claim processing, DME/HME owners and operators are free to spend their time on the most important task of delivering quality healthcare.

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