3 Ways to Set Up a Successful DME/HME Business

by | April 30, 2021 | 1:24 pm
3 ways to set up a successful DME/HME business

Building sustainability in your DME/HME operations is as vital as ensuring your staff is trained to meet equipment orders and requirements. Profitability is key to business sustainability, but it needs to be incorporated into the operations in a consistent manner. Having adequate cash is also important for business growth and dynamic customer growth. All of these factors are particularly important for a fast-growing DME/HME or a DME/HME adding diverse products to a portfolio. A report in Reseller News says that the market size of long-term care devices is expected to reach around $269.6 billion by 2028. The size of this market was valued at $141.8 billion in 2020. It is anticipated to grow at a compounded annual growth rate of 8.1% from 2021 to 2028, the report further says.  Here are three interlinking ways to build DME/HME profitability and align it for greater success and future growth:

Effectively managed RCM, consistently

Consistency is key to maintaining business sustainability and developing a competitive edge. Maintaining strong economics is fundamental to your continued DME/HME growth. Ensuring stringent financial management practices can also be done with the help of professional outsourcing.

The sharpened focus and reliable reporting that professionals bring to the business can boost your DME/HME RCM and streamline operations, helping your firm position itself for new growth opportunities.

Hire and train staff in medical billing basics and medical equipment handling

Ideally DME/HME staff, should be primarily skilled in handling medical equipment and patient concerns, not be required to take on additional specific RCM training. This can become an added burden for businesses that already have a high volume of cases and associated paperwork. Given that DME/HME businesses depend on documentation for receiving payment, the importance of hired staff cannot be underestimated, even for a business that already has dedicated staff for the purpose.

Leveraging professionally trained staff and expertise, especially HIPAA-compliant medical billing, can help your business save time and costs associated with developing capabilities in-house. Instead, your effort can be focused on business planning and long-term goals, while your existing systems continue to function seamlessly. DME partnerships can operate in the background, augmenting existing resources and providing crucial help as-needed, while also providing strong data security and reliability capabilities on an ongoing basis.

Know and understand industry trends to stay on top of billing

According to a recent report in Indus Tribune, the medical equipment rental market growth is set to accelerate, driven by COVID-19. The pandemic necessitates the widespread adoption of medical equipment across healthcare facilities, including hospitals. Understanding industry trends can be vital to developing a competitive edge. Your DME/HME business can greatly benefit by planning and defining steps necessary to address this trend.

Leveraging trends judiciously can provide your business with a boost, both financially and operationally, helping you set the stage for the leap into higher growth.

Partnering with professional medical billing assistance

A HIPAA-compliant medical partner can help your business development capabilities and the necessary resilience to prepare for next-level growth. Outsourced professionals can take care of essential economic management, while business owners focus on evaluating growth opportunities and business building, without losing momentum.

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