Reduce Errors and Increase Collections with Analytix

by | August 7, 2023 | 8:42 am
Reduce Errors and Increase Collections with Analytix

Reduce your errors and increase collections measurably with HIPAA-compliant medical billing services offered by Analytix Healthcare Solutions. Given the high rates of delays and denials, DME and HME providers face a recurring challenge: ensuring that the business is paid on time. According to a report, nearly 20 percent of all claims are denied, and as many as 60 percent of returned claims are never resubmitted.

Analytix: Your Dedicated Billing Partner

At Analytix, we believe robust medical billing processes keep errors to a minimum and promote higher accuracy in claim processing. Eventually, this leads to better payment collection for the business.

Our process-driven approach focuses on taking care of your pre-and post-billing processes so that your in-house resources are free to attend to patient requirements and meet their expectations. Here is a look at how we ensure timely and accurate claims for your HME/DME provider business:

#1. Pursue and collect the right documents at the order entry stage.

#2. Trained teams to conduct detailed document reviews.

#3. Dedicated quality control teams that spot and rectify errors.

#4. Time zone advantage to ensure speedier billing.

#5. Carry out insurance verifications diligently.

#6. Establish and follow standard operating procedures to minimize errors.

#7. Optimize automation for timely deliverables.

#8. Track accounts receivable to help timely follow-up to the collection.

Reduce Errors and Increase Collections by Outsourcing Billing

Partnering with Analytix: The Advantages

When you partner with us, you aren’t simply outsourcing your medical billing.

  • Gain dedicated and trained resources.
  • Timely processing of orders.
  • Daily reporting.
  • Specialized team for each task to ensure reduced errors.
  • Dedicated team that can be scaled up to support your growth while minimizing growing pains.

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