Unleash the Profitability for Your Dental Billing with Dedicated Outsourcing Expertise

by | October 9, 2023 | 1:20 pm
Dental Billing with Dedicated Outsourcing Expertise

Providing patients with an excellent experience at your dental practice is about more than just dental care. To ensure everyone stepping into your office leaves with a smile, make every patient touchpoint count — from new patient scheduling to billing and everything in between.

While your dental practice’s financial and operational aspects are important for your practice’s revenue and continued success, they are often time-consuming and resource-intensive. To alleviate the burden of these administrative tasks, consider partnering with a trusted dental billing partner. Let’s look at some things you can take off your plate when outsourcing to the experts.

7 Dental Billing Tasks You Can Outsource Today

1. Eligibility & Benefits Verification

Eligibility and benefits verification involves checking to see if a patient’s insurance is active, confirming what benefits are available for the current calendar year, and understanding their financial responsibility for dental services.

This verification is important for arranging care and estimating patients’ out-of-pocket costs, but it can be a heavy administrative lift for busy dental practice staff. Some practices prefer to outsource eligibility and benefits verification to a third-party vendor with deep knowledge of insurance policies, coverage details, and verification procedures.

2. Cash Posting

Cash posting refers to the process of recording and reconciling payments received from patients and insurance companies and posting payments into billing software. Staff must also ensure all payments match patient profiles and treatment codes within the system.

Again, cash posting is an important administrative task for dental practices. Still, it can and should be outsourced to a dental billing partner to free your admin staff to focus on higher-value tasks.

3. Dental Claim Adjudication Process

The dental claim adjudication process involves accurately evaluating and assessing dental claims to ensure proper reimbursement by the insurer. This process is integral for maintaining adherence to insurance policies, industry regulations, and coding standards.

Dental billing companies have specialized knowledge and insights into the claim adjudication process and an expert understanding of insurance policies and industry standards. For this reason, many dental practices opt to outsource claim adjudication to a third-party vendor.

4. NEA (National Electronic Attachment)

In dental billing, NEA, or National Electronic Attachment, refers to electronically sending and receiving documentation to support dental claims. Examples of NEAs include X-rays, periodontal charts, EOBs, narratives, and any other additional information or imagery an insurance company might need to process a claim accurately.

If you partner with a dental billing company, they’ll ensure the correct attachments are submitted promptly and correctly, reducing the occurrence of claim denials due to missing or incorrect documentation.

5. Denial Management & Prevention

If an insurance company rejects a claim, staff must investigate the denial, identify the issues leading to the decision, resolve the problem, and implement strategies to avoid future rejections. This process may include reviewing prior authorization requirements, hunting down missing or incorrect information, and preventing duplicate claims.

Handling claim denials can be extremely time-consuming for in-house staff. Outsourcing denial management is a cost-effective way to resolve issues more quickly and maximize the productivity of your in-house team.

6. Scheduling

Efficient management of patient appointments keeps your dental practice running smoothly and keeps revenue flowing in. The responsibility of coordinating and scheduling often falls to in-house staff, but you can outsource to a third-party vendor to boost productivity and efficiency. A dental billing vendor often uses software to integrate scheduling, billing, and other systems, leading to cost savings and a more seamless patient experience.

7. Patient Support

Patient support involves aiding patients with any inquiries or concerns they may have regarding their dental care, insurance coverage, billing and payment options, and other matters. Partnering with a trusted dental billing vendor for patient support can often extend service hours and reduce waiting times, thus increasing patient satisfaction and retention.

Outsource Your Dental Billing and Focus On Growing Your Practice

Staying on top of your practice’s billing, scheduling, and operations can eat away at the time you’d rather spend on patient care. If you choose to outsource dental billing to a company like Analytix Healthcare Solutions, you can streamline operations, reduce manual errors, increase efficiency, and optimize revenue management.

Analytix Solutions leverages a combination of industry expertise and innovative technology to enhance dentistry billing practices and give you the tools you need to grow your practice. If you’re looking to boost productivity, improve financial performance, and upgrade to a more seamless experience for both patients and staff, reach out to our team.

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